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Joondalup Wanneroo 2019

When: Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 October 2019

12pm Sat to 12pm Sun

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My reason to Relay...

I Relay because I can and I want to.

Cancer has touched and taken to many of the ones I love and in June 2017 my amazing husband was diagnosed with cancer and was told he had three weeks to live. He fought so hard and managed to stay with us for one year and ten days. Something I am eternally grateful for.

Watching him go through the treatment, the pain, the sickness and tiredness was heartbreaking. I felt so guilty and useless that I could not fix or save him from this disgusting disease. I know at times he must of felt so alone, how do you come to terms with knowing you are dying when you love life so much?? Seeing our children watch their Dad change from the healthy, fit, energetic man he was, to fighting for his life was gut wrenching. Cancer has no boundaries and doesn't care who you are. So if we can help stop another family from going through this by raising much needed funds for research and help, going without sleep for two days is the least we can do.

For 10 years now we have been doing Relay for Life as a family and before that it was many of the other fundraising events that Cancer Council holds for this horrible disease. Please if you are able to help out with a donation, no matter the amount we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We want to help make a difference in the fight against cancer. This shit disease is one of the leading causes of death in Australia, and together we can change that. Cancer Council’s Relay For Life raises funds for research, prevention and support services for those affected by cancer. An invaluable service giving hope to thousands of Australians.

Thank you for supporting me!

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Each donation, no matter how big or small, helps to fund Cancer Council's research, prevention, information and support services. To keep going strong, we need your support. Add your name to my donor list today!Be the first to donate!


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