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Mid North 2019

When: Saturday, 16 November, 2019

2:00pm Saturday to 9:00am Sunday

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I Relay because I want to make a difference in the fight against cancer. Relay for Life is such an empowering event.  Not only does it raise awareness and an amazing amount of money, but it allows us to celebrate and honour those people living with cancer, and all those people that have sadly lost their fight. 

My mum battled cancer for many years before losing her battle a few years ago.  She loved participating in Relay for Life.  She always found it so uplifting and inspiring and the level of support she felt from people made her emotional.  This event made her feel supported, empowered and seen. I now captain a team at  every Mid North event to honor her.  Because I can and she can't. I walk to remember her.  I definitely feel her with me in those dark wee hours. I miss her.

I also Relay for those people who are in my life, who are survivors. They are inspiring, brave and I salute their story.  A special mention to Jill Porter.

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