Each year, our volunteer committee has the honour of selecting a Face of Relay and a Patron of Relay for the event. 
These incredible people have often had a cancer experience, utilised Cancer Council Queensland services or undertaken the vital role of caring for someone with cancer.

The Face of Relay is an ambassador who raises public awareness for the event, whilst sharing their personal cancer experiences with others.

The Patron of Relay is an honourable, special supporter of Relay who attends the event on the day.

Face of Relay - Chris Auguston 

Chris Auguston

Local Marian man Chris Auguston and his family of 5 had their world turned upside down when he was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer in November 2016 after a colonoscopy found a 10cm tumor blocking his bowel. He had emergency surgery followed by 12 rounds of fortnightly chemotherapy which finished in May 2017. In August that year at a routine oncology appointment lead tot he discovery of a secondary metastasis in his liver requiring surgery to remove the right lobe of the liver. He underwent surgery in Brisbane and went through a rough recovery but was reunited with his 4 children in time to get organised for Christmas. After going 12 months cancer-free, Chris, Candice and the kids received a further blow in August 2018 when tests revealed that his cancer had returned in his lungs, and abdomen. Chris now had stage 4 Bowel cancer; this time, inoperable and incurable. Chris played his last game of soccer and began palliative chemotherapy and immunotherapy in September 2018. He made his wife and children incredibly proud with the way he faced every challenge. Whilst undergoing treatment he continued to coach two soccer teams, only giving that up when it all got a bit too much. When Chris was no longer able to work he began spending his free time raising awareness for Bowel Cancer and raising funds for the Cancer Council. 

Sadly, on 19 January 2021 we lost Chris after such a long and brave fight.

Chris had symptoms for 6 months prior to his diagnosis and he had a mission to tell his story will to as many people as possible, with the hopes to help someone else not have to go through what he went through.

In September, we are going to finish what we started with Chris and run the event with the help of his wonderful family. We are so proud to have had the chance to collaborate with him on this and we cannot wait to dedicate this night to the Augustons and every other Queensland family that has had to endure a cancer diagnosis.

Patron - Rob Kidd

 Rob Kidd

Introducing our Patron of Relay for 2021…. Rob Kidd!

Rob has been a friend and supporter of the Mackay Relay for Life for many many years, having shared his talents with us as emcee on a number of chilly Relay mornings over the years. Best known for hosting the breakfast show on local radio station 4MK, Rob has Mackay and the Whitsundays running through his veins.

In addition to having Rob’s support, 4MK and sister station StarFM have very generously come on board as event sponsors this year, and are helping us to advertise our event across the region.

As he has stated many times, helping to support the Cancer Council is something Rob is drawn to due to the overwhelming amount of Australians who are affected by the disease. Like most of us, his family has been touched by cancer, most recently with the loss of his beautiful mother earlier this year.

In his official role as Patron this year, Rob will help us to kick off in the opening ceremony, where he will walk the first lap of honour with the family of our Face of Relay. You are also likely to catch him on the microphone throughout the afternoon cheering on our participants and keeping you informed into the evening. Be sure to say hello if you see him!