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South Burnett/Kingaroy 2021

When: Saturday 9 October, 12pm-8pm

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On the 28 April 2006, my son Patrick was diagnosed with Medullablastoma, a form of brain tumour. He was a month off his fourth birthday. The tumour had spread throughout his brain and down his spine. A positive outcome for Patrick was doubtful.
With the support of the wonderful doctors and nurses and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane we chose treatment … it was brutal.
The treatment started with a trip to intensive care and a courses of steroids. Followed by a 9 hour brain operation to reduce the size of the tumour. This was followed by 31 radiation treatments and due to Patrick’s young age this meant 31 general anaesthetics in 35 days. He lost his hair and his appetite, he had to be fed through a tube and other side effects started to appear. The good news though was that the cancer started to disappear.
Once he recovered from this, the chemotherapy started. Four rounds of high end chemotherapy followed by stem cell returns to restart his immune system.
Nine months later after enduring many late night trips to emergency, numerous infections, blood transfusions and a total of 80 days’ worth of hospital admissions the cancer was gone.
Ten years later the cancer has stayed away, Patrick is now 14. He enjoys schools and his Xbox and while the side effects still remain, he is upright and breathing and enjoying life. What more can you ask for.
To assist in even a little way, so that in the future other children won’t have to go through what Patrick did, to have improved treatment options and even a cancer free future.

This is why I ride!

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