Cancer Council NT is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all who engage with our events and fundraising initiatives. The current Covid 19 situations are still affecting some Australian States and Territories and as part of an Australian Federal Government health regulation, increased policy and procedures are now required. Cancer Council NT has an authorized NT Government Covid Plan with the following in place:

  • There will be a 2-metre distance separation between each team and teams will have a maximum of ten (10) people.
  • Teams can supply their own food within their team however must not sell or distribute food outside of their own team.
  • All sold food must be prepared within Health Department approved facilities (i.e. Gardens Oval Kitchen) and all food preparation will include standard food hygiene procedures e.g. gloves and hand sanitiser etc.
  • All individual participants must register on the website so that we have a list of individual participants on the night. All participants will be checked off on the night at the entry point in order to record all participants on the ground that night.
  • There will be five hand sanitiser stations situated around the oval with hygiene, cough etiquette and washing hands signs displayed.
  • All walkers/runners will go in the same direction and will be reminded of social distancing on the track.

Site infrastructure:

  • Volunteer chairs separated by minimum 1.5m
  • Safe distance stickers at front of all stalls
  • Eftpos (Blade) for non-contact sales.
  • Hygiene, cough etiquette and washing hands signs displayed.
  • Any Pen’s for general use will be wiped with antiseptic wipes after each use.
  • Hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes provided at all stalls.


  • Volunteers should wash hands or use Hand Sanitiser each time after serving the public. Where no public contact has been undertaken please at minimum wash / or use the Hand Sanitiser provided at lease every two hours. Whilst Gloves are not mandatory if you wish to wear gloves, they are available in your stall kit.
  • Volunteers must sign the Covid-19 Declaration prior to engaging in any volunteering activities.

Please consider if you are at risk of Covid-19 infection. Have you in the last 14 days:

  • Been unwell and presenting flu like symptoms. e.g. sore throat, running nose, cough, fever, or
  • Travelled outside of the NT interstate or overseas or associated with people who have travelled interstate or overseas.

If someone you live with or have a close association with is placed on home isolation, please advise Cancer Council NT before attending your volunteering duties.