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Canberra 2020

When: Saturday March 28 - Sunday March 29, 2020

11am Saturday - 11am Sunday

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What Relay is for me

In 2020 I Relay because I want to make a difference in the fight against cancer. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Australia, and together we can change that.

On September 25th, 2004 I lost my mum to cancer when I was 5 months old. Learning to cope with our new life was hard on my dad but only got harder when he was also diagnosed with cancer in August of 2018. My dad, my best friend, lost his fight to cancer on September 26th of 2019. Losing both my parents to cancer before the age of 16 was the hardest thing i’ve ever had to overcome. I want to raise awareness for the people who’ve been affected by cancer wether it be a survivor, family member, child or carer. I hope to be a light in my life just like my parents and to spread awareness for the thing that just took their lives away. 

By either joining my team or donating to the cancer council, you give hope and light to those affected by cancer all over australia. Thank you for giving someone a chance and thank you for believing in me <3

 Cancer Council’s Relay For Life raises funds for research, prevention and support services for those affected by cancer. By joining my team or donating to me, you will be helping Cancer Council give hope to thousands of Australians.

Thank you for supporting me xx

Your Support Makes a Difference

Each donation, no matter how big or small, helps to fund Cancer Council's research, prevention, information and support services. To keep going strong, we need your support. Add your name to my donor list today!Be the first to donate!


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