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Canberra 2020

When: Saturday March 28 - Sunday March 29, 2020

11am Saturday - 11am Sunday

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Mum, Minnie & Me (Relay 2014)
Mum, Minnie & Me (Relay 2014)

My reason to Relay ... for Mum (RIP)

I Relay because I want to make a difference in the fight against cancer. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Australia, and together we can change that. Cancer Council’s Relay For Life raises funds for research, prevention and support services for those affected by cancer. By joining my team or donating to me, you will be helping Cancer Council give hope to thousands of Australians.

I now continue to relay for my Mum, Maria (Snr), who passed away on 31 October 2014 after 7 years into a fight with melanoma.  She was truly an inspiration during her lifetime and she will continue to inspire us into the future.  After being diagnosed with cancer she was passionate about raising funds for the Cancer Council with the hope that a cure would be found sooner rather than later.

I also relay in memory of my dearest Titi who fought valiantly, but lost the battle, against lung cancer.  Not far from my thoughts at this time are Teena and Carmen (Jacqui's Mum and Nan) who died in the first quarter of 2013 after losing their respective fights with the big C.

For the survivors who continue to march on and are represented,on our team, by Denise and Antoinette.

Thank you for supporting me!

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Each donation, no matter how big or small, helps to fund Cancer Council's research, prevention, information and support services. To keep going strong, we need your support. Add your name to my donor list today!Be the first to donate!


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