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How to use the Relay logo

When you sign up to a Relay For Life you become part of Cancer Council and our brand. If you would like to show your support by using the Relay For Life logo on your team materials, here is a quick guide on the correct placement.

By following this guide, we can ensure our brand is represented consistently on all material produced for Relay. 

Logo variations

1. Horizontal stack
The horizontal version of the Hope Lives Here Relay For Life lockup is the preferred version for all use.

2. Vertical stack
The vertical version of the Hope Lives Here Relay For Life lockup is only for use where space is restricted and to assist in keeping the logo at a readable size in small space applications.

3. Reversed logo
The reversed version of the Hope Lives Here Relay For Life lockup is to be used on dark backgrounds to avoid compromising the legibility of the standard logo.

Clear space and minimum size

The required clear space can be calculated at any given size by doubling the height of the ‘H’ in Hope Lives Here, and applying that measurement to the space surrounding the logo as in the diagram on this page.

To avoid any reproduction issues across print and digital applications, and to ensure legibility, all logos should not be used below the minimum sizes of 31mm or 250px.

Download the logo

Horizontal (white background)

Horizontal (purple background)

Vertical (white background)

Download the logo guide

You can download our logo guide here for use at your next team or committee meeting.

If you have any questions or need advice about using the logo, please contact your State.