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Tanya's Story


Help me make a difference! ‪#RelayForLife. I Relay because I want to make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Australia, and together we can change that. When I was 7 years old I lost my grandad, he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer but passed away from an aneurysm due to radiation treatment. He was my best friend, number one supporter and role model. Twenty years on and my memories with him are still so vivid but sitting here now writing this still brings heartache and tears to my eyes.

In 2013 another beautiful women whom I was very close with passed away from lung cancer and seeing her go through the intensive treatment broke my heart, words cannot describe the heartache. No human should ever have to experience the pain and suffering that so many cancer patients do.

The team I have joined this year is called 'Cooper's Troopers'. A 6 year old boy, Cooper Deane was was diagnosed with Leukemia on the 11th of February 2016. On Friday the 12th of February, the first bout of chemotherapy commenced. It is expected Cooper will be undergoing treatment for the next 3 years. Cooper is a true trooper and has been putting on a brave face throughout the whole ordeal.

I now have an opportunity to make a difference and help raise funds for research, prevention and support services for those affected by cancer. So, I would truly appreciate any donations.

By donating to me you will be helping Cancer Council give hope to thousands of Australians. Simply click the link below:…

Love you forever and always grandad.

Kind Regards, 
Tanya Beths

For the taken we mourn, for the sick we support, for the survivor we stand, for the future we walk.