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Rachael's Story


"Relay For Life isn't about just raising money, it's about uniting. Relay brings everyone together."

2015 will be the first time I Relay as a Survivor.

In 2013, when I was 23, I was diagnosed with stage 3B Hodgkin lymphoma. I spent seven months going through cycles of chemotherapy, driving to Ballarat and visiting the wonderful people who work in the oncology unit in Horsham.

Fighting cancer with medicine is one thing and it takes strength to keep on going, but I was, and still am, very lucky. My cancer was treatable and my doctors knew how to make me better again. The most difficult part for me was finding myself again after my cancer experience and regaining my health, both physically and mentally. Cancer Council provided some very reassuring information that these kinds of experiences are normal post-treatment. I was very confused as to why I was feeling this way and why I was still suffering from some of the symptoms of treatment, however these resources were incredibly helpful and helped put my mind at ease, as well as helping me work out what was realistic for me at the time.

Everyone is affected by cancer differently, everybody copes with cancer differently, but Cancer Council provides support on a variety of levels to all cancer sufferers and their loved ones. Relay For Life isn't about just raising money, it's about uniting. Relay brings everyone together. It is a celebration of achievement, opportunity for reflection and, more than anything, gives hope that one day people won't have to fight these battles.