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Margaret's Story


"Everything happens for a reason. Cancer has made me stronger and more determined to fight back."

My name is Margaret. I joined Redcliffe Relay For Life in 2008 through a work friend whose mother-in-law was suffering from breast cancer. Breast cancer had always been close to my heart, as I had lost friends and had a cousin suffering from it. I had a great time at Relay, even though it rained and stormed.

I ended up joining the Redcliffe Relay Committee, never dreaming I would one day be a cancer survivor myself. I always joked that my body would refuse cancer, but 13 April 2012 found me diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Totally devastated at first, but with my wonderful family and friends for support, I made it through lumpectomies, mastectomies, chemo and reconstruction. I am proud to be a Survivor. I am lucky I was over 60 it is the younger people, especially children, I Relay for, hoping for a cancer-free world. Children should not have to suffer from cancer, and young mums and dads should not be taken from their children because of cancer.

Everything happens for a reason. Cancer has made me stronger and more determined to fight back. Through my cancer I met and have made some fantastic friends, and since my retirement I’ve gone on to work with two great charities  Redcliffe Relay For Life, which has a fantastic committee, and Be Uplifted, a breast cancer charity launched by three breast cancer survivors.