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James' Story


"I soon learnt that Relay was much more than a fundraiser… Relay is about my community."

decided to join Relay For Life because I wanted to fight back after I recovered from my own ordeal with cancer. I soon learnt that Relay was much more than a fundraiser.

At my first Relay I saw my community come together. I had never seen a group of people so united in a common purpose before, and I continue to Relay because it never fails to bring the best out in people. It’s great to see that every year.

To me, Relay For Life is about my community and the strength we can bring when we are tested. Cancer takes so much from so many people, but Relay gets us through it. Its positive atmosphere provides us with hope for a cancer-free future.

Being exposed to Relay has made a huge difference in my life. When I went to my first Relay I did not feel confident that I would remain cancer-free. The strength that the Newcastle Relay community gave me convinced me that I would be okay, and its positive atmosphere went a long way to changing my mindset for the better. My life has also been enriched by my involvement in Relay; I have met countless inspiring people from many different walks of life. I truly feel that without Relay I would be incomplete. 

Our congratulations go out to James, who has been named as one of the 2015 Global Heroes of Hope!