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Helen's Story


I guess I am both a "survivor and carer".


Countless skin cancers have been removed from my body (being it painted, burnt, frozen or cut out) and I have checks regularly, followed by prompt treatment of any suspicious area.

But I was a carer for my husband, who developed a Melanoma (a mole that I watched turn from pink to black on an unexposed part of his back) about the time he was due to retire. This spread to other organs and he died 3 years after diagnosis.

After being a member of the Melanoma Patients Australia group in Toowoomba for several years as a carer, I heard about this fundraising effort [Relay For Life] and am keen to support Melanoma awareness in the public sphere. So although I am using a wheelie walker, I will be doing my bit for fundraising by being in "Team Melanoma" in the Toowoomba Relay For Life on May 21-22, 2016.

Exercise is very important for physical and mental wellbeing, this relay has a good purpose (to raise funds for cancer research/cure-and that includes melanoma!) and and I am all for this opportunity!

Cancer affects many in our community these days, so I encourage more people to participate. By doing this you help yourself (with fitness!) and help sufferers with support and financial aid, and both have hope for the future.